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As part of our permanently running online courseRainwater Management, we are holding webinars on “Global Water Situation and Local Action.”

Course instructor Thomas Lüdert will speak with the experts Martin Wienecki (Oct 18, 5pm WESZ) and Bernd Müller (Oct 15, 5pm WESZ).

Afterwards there will be time for questions and discussion with the
participants. Further webinars are planned. These webinars are part of the Online Course, yet open for anyone interested.

Register HERE to get the Zoom link. Participation is free, please give a donate if you can.

Rainwater Management Online Course

Learn principles and measures to implement an effective rainwater management that improves your area or property and at the same time helps change climate change! Register here

How We Work

Professional work in nature is working with nature


Agualands works professionally and in contact with nature and all its beings.

We do not do our planning and consulting at a desk, but in nature, just as we have always worked in sensitive contact with the landscape on our construction sites.

Decades of practice in professional landscaping, intensive research and experience in successful water management of arid landscapes, and empathic contact with the given landscape and the needs of all its inhabitants are the secret of our successful Agualands water retention landscapes.

As complex and efficient as nature itself is, so should one work in and with it. This is the only way to create healing agualands that fit into nature.
Contact with all elements and beings of the landscape is as natural for us as a well thought-out and efficient planning and construction preparation.

What We Do

Water is life – let’s give it it’s space again

Agualands, led by Thomas Lüdert has designed and built numerous water retention landscapes in the south of Portugal since 2004. Today, Thomas Lüdert mainly offers training, consulting and planning for sustainable rainwater management.

The consequences of global climate change are now visible to everyone: drought and water shortages, forest fires and desertification on the one hand, floods, erosion and destruction by water floods on the other.

Less known is that massive, worldwide rainwater mismanagement is a central cause of this crisis – probably much more significant than the CO² problem.

Unlike CO² pollution in the atmosphere, rainwater management can be significantly improved relatively easily and quickly. This could be instrumental in halting climate change.

Agualands has compiled a detailed online course on why that is and what concrete measures to improve rainwater management look like in theory and practice.

After studying these basics, Thomas Lüdert offers consulting services for projects or groups, as well as planning, training for constructionvsite managers, and special seminars for public and private water management organizations.


For many years, we have been building Agualands. In our gallery we offer a glimpse into how your site can be transformed – before, during and after the building site.



Thomas Lüdert is a trained landscape gardener and arborist and managed successful businesses for natural landscaping and arboriculture in Germany between 1982 and 2000. He then moved to Portugal and became an employee of the Tamera community, where he coordinated the community’s first large-scale reforestation project and the installation of much of the infrastructure. From 2007 to 2012, he was the lead engineer in the construction of Tamera’s internationally known water retention landscape. Thomas is still an employee of Tamera and also runs the independent company “Agualands”, which has designed and built water landscapes on quite a few properties in the south of Portugal and today offers training, consulting and planning for rainwater management.

Email: info@agualands.com
(+351) 967 479 575
Monte do Cerro, Tamera, P 7630-392 Relíquias